Piwik 1.8.3 Not Showing Results For Week-Month-Year

After updating, when I click on the orange calendar which gives me the dropdown box to select day,week,month,year and select range, when I click on week or month or year or custom, nothing happens. I just get the daily results instead of loading up the other date formats. The day link works…but the others do not.


you have to click again the calendar to change the period, we have changed the way the calendar worrks in this version.

However we are discussing in the team if we could still improve it and allow double click.

Can you please clarify how the calendar is suppose to work now? I have the same problem that selecting any other date range: month, year, etc does not do anything. The calendar should work as it did before - select any option and it should automatically update. Any deviation from this behaviour is poor user interface design. Especially now that it does nothing.

You have to click on the days on the left. In the next release, we will add a double click feature so you can at least select without moving the mouse.