Piwik 1.8.3 New version Beta Testing

EDIT: now released! New Piwik Release v1.8.3: Features Overview (w/ Screenshots) - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Piwik 1.8.3 Beta has been released!

We would really appreciate if you can help test this release which contains many bug fixes and few new features.

Download the ZIP: Index of /

To update, simply upload / overwrite all existing files and then visit your Piwik. It contains a small database upgrade


Check out the list of closed tickets for this release for more bug fixes and new features: adding support for windows phone 7 version 7.5 by thirashima · Pull Request #1 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Please post any issue or question in this post, thank you for your help testing!!

Thank you for the bug reports, they are now fixed, along with other improvements in the 1.8.3-beta2: Index of /

Thx, import script in beta 2 is working for me.

I´ve just installed on my assurance environment and so far it´s working like charm.

Now released 1.8.3 Beta 3 – hopefully will become 1.8.3 official!


Trying it out now, the Better Visits per visit duration time range breakdown fix is much appreciated!

Ran scripts in SQL and got things up and running with 1.8.3 beta 5. Speed seems to be improved and it doesn’t seem to slow things down when it runs the archive like 1.8.2 did. I’m still missing my returning visitors though since my update to 1.8.2 even after running an archive with force all sites and periods. Do I need to delete all of the archive tables for this to be fixed?

Sorry … wrong thread…

I upgraded to Beta 6 last night, hoping it would resolve the weird issue with stats dropping to zero on monthly views for low traffic sites, and the upgrade seems to have done the trick… I can see the itty bitty visitor counts on those sites again! :slight_smile:

great news, thanks for confirming


When this version will release?
Because I´ve been working to translate piwik to Portuguese Brazil.