Piwik 1.7 not showing Internet Explorer Visitors

I’ve seen this topic in the forums, but it did seem to be related to version 1.4, so if this is a dupe, I apologize.

I have set IE Security to “allow all cookies”, and as I test with Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla and Internet Explorer, I would have expected to have seen IE visitors on my Piwik dashboard, but I see nothing for IE.

There are no script errors on the IE pages, everything renders properly.

IE has the “report all script errors” turned on.

This is a plain vanilla website, and all other browsers show up on my dashboard.

I would obviously like to have my IE visitors show up, what am I missing ?

Is it possible that my Internet Explorer visitors (me testing is what I mean) are not showing up, because it is from the same IP address ?

I was able to confirm my suspicion by having a buddy use both IE 6 and IE 8 from his computer at a different location from me, and both of his visits did register.

So the end result is that Piwik does NOT record another visit from an IP address that already has a session with another browser.

I did NOT test whether or not a new session with Internet Explorer, while NO other browser sessions were open, would have registered with Piwik.

I would suggest, that at minimum, this s/b in the Piwik documentation, as perhaps there are some number of developers who have to test using multiple browsers, and they would perhaps expect Piwik to record each visit eh ?

For intranet setup where this could be a problem see: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo


I’m experiencing a similar problem with IE not recording stats where all other browsers are. The issue seems to lie in the fact that IE is posting the information to the Piwik folder (on the same server) using GET, even though I’ve followed the FAQ instructions to add “piwikTracker.setRequestMethod(‘POST’);” to the javascript code. The other browsers do use POST, but IE uses GET. Can anyone enlighten me as to why IE is ignoring this instruction, and how we can sort this out?

It is possible there is a bug in our code. If you can create a ticket at dev.piwik.org it would help, thanks!

Done, thanks for the quick reply.