Piwik 1.7.1 Visits by server time

I just updated to 1.7.1 and see that the widget now have the drop down row limit in the bottom right hand corner. But the Visits by server time widget has ‘Exclude low population’ in the bottom right which appears to be masking this drop down, so we can by default only see midnight to 9am (which gave rise to my boss thinking everything was broken!!)

Is this an error? can we fix it? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

Ta very much

By design, the graph visits by hour will only show hours until the current hour in the website timezone, if you select “Today” in the calendar

Thanks for the reply, it does only display up to the current hour, but since the upgrade to 1.7.1 it also has a limit of 10 lines. So a 17h, 5pm by default it will only show hours 0 to 9, unless you reverse the sort order then it shows hours 17 - 8. Prior to our upgrade to 1.7.1 it shows all hours up to the current time, so at 17h it showed all 0-17 hours.
As I said in the first post I notice that default row number of 10 has now been put on all the widgets, but the drop down to change this does not appear on this widget.


I can’t reproduce this on the demo, can you ?

But you need to remove the widget then re-add it, this way the table is in the default view. If you change the view to graph and then back again it shows all the data. It is this default view that we have when we log into our piwik and only shows the top 10 lines.

If that makes sense?

Can you please post exact steps to reproduce?

Wait until after 9am (whenever 9am is on the servertime)
Log into the demo system
Find the visits by server time widget (on my system the default view is the bar graph)
Change the view from a graph to 'a table with more metrics’
You should now see a table of all hours
Delete this widget from the Dashboard
From the Widgets and Dashboard drop down select Visits summary->Visits by Server Time.
The widget now shows the widget with only the hours 0-9 showing.

On our system we have the default view as the ‘table with more metrics’ so as soon as we login we only see the 0-9 hours table.


It is expected that the widget only shows hour from 0->9 if you select “Today” in the calendar. Are you seeing a different behavior? Or do you wish this wasn’t working the way it is now?

Prior to 1.7.1 it showed all hours, and if you change to graph, then change back to the table it shows all hours.
How can we get it by default to show all hours like it used to?


Apply following patch:

Index: plugins/VisitTime/Controller.php
--- plugins/VisitTime/Controller.php	(revision 5891)
+++ plugins/VisitTime/Controller.php	(working copy)
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
 		$view = $this->getGraph(__FUNCTION__, 'VisitTime.getVisitInformationPerServerTime',
-		$view->setCustomParameter('hideFutureHoursWhenToday', 1);
+		$view->setCustomParameter('hideFutureHoursWhenToday', 0);
 		return $this->renderView($view, $fetch);

but you will have to apply it after each update too

This only seems to have an effect on the graph, and it shows future hours. The table now only shows 9 rows and I dont seem to be able to get it to show more rows than this at all.


I have the same problem after upgrade from 1.7.1 to 1.8.2. Problem did not exist before the upgrade.

Take a look at request url:

filter_limit occurs in url with value of 10, but there is no button to change this value in “Visits by server time”.

In response html:
…var plot = new JQPlot({“params”:{“axes”:{“xaxis”:{“ticks”:[“0h”," “,“2h”,” “,“4h”,” “,“6h”,” “,“8h”,” "],“labels”:[“0h”,“1h”,“2h”,“3h”,“4h”,“5h”,“6h”,“7h”,“8h”,“9h”]}…
Only ten values (from 0h to 9h).

This problem is not related to ‘hideFutureHoursWhenToday’.

If i change graph type, or even click on icon of this same graph type, it loads all data - there is filter_limit se to 24:

Daniel Kukieła

try to delete the widget, and add it again - it should fix the problem