Piwik 0.6


I saw on the right menu that it is possible to download version 0.6 but trac says that the milestone 0.6 is not completed yet and there are 16 open tickets.

Can you specify this issue?

Anyway I will wait some days more and then download.

btw: I think there are a lot of database changes in new version. Do you recomment to delete the old archive tables after upgrading in order to change the old data?

Thank you.

Hi Beatgarantie,

I’m working with the 0.6 RC1 quite a while and it’s pretty good software.

Alas when clicking the automated update for the 0.6 release I get an error message. So waiting a little bit longer seems to be a good recommendation… :wink:

Kind regards from Germany

Edit: The error was a disc quota issue… now everything works fine. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif

0.6 is available for immediate download. I’m working on the changelog now.

okay, updated successfully.

After the upgrade I deleted all archives and created them again. Everything went fine.

Only problem are months < april 09: