Piwik 0.6.5 / 0.7.0?

Good Morning from Austria,

my Piwik say "New Update: Piwik 0.7.

But on page is 0.6.4, in Forum is 0.7.

And in dev zone:
04:16 Milestone 1 - Piwik 0.7 - DigitalVibes completed
04:15 Milestone 0 - Piwik 0.6.5 completed

Oo??? can i update with my installed piwik to 0.7 or is it 0.6.5 or is it a bug ???

Best regards

0.6.5 and 0.7 were rolled into a single release.

Piwik 0.7 seems not to be downloadable yet, its still 0.6.4… a bit confusing.

It’s available for manual install.

On your Piwik dashboard, it checks periodically (minimum 8 hrs between checks) for a new release. This is intended to stagger the load on our servers, so not everyone updates all at once. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif

so the www.piwik.org/latest.zip is not v.0.6.4 like its says on the main frontpage but 0.7?

the “latest.zip” version is infact 0.7, i just did the upgrade


But, so, what is the Changelog for 0.7 ?

the file latest.zip is 0.7

If you still see an older version, it is because your browser is caching the old file

It’s ok for the latest.zip, but chat about piwik.org/changelog/ ?

Home page and changelog should all be up-to-date now.