Piwik 0.4 and geoip plugin

hi all,

I recently started using piwik. It seems to work fine for the moment (also the upgrade to 0.4 went smoothly). But I have a problem regarding the geoip plugin: As soon as I install it (following the respective instructions), piwik seems to stop logging of new hits to my sites. Could this be an incompatibility between the geoip plugin and piwik version 0.4? Does anybody use piwik 0.4 together with the geoip plugin?


Did you update the GeoIP plugin too? (It isn’t included with the Piwik release.)

I installed the geoip plugin only after the update to 0.4 from http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/45. Is there a more recent version of the plugin which I am not aware of?

Check your memory limit. The geo ip database is quite large.