Piwik _site group a reserved word


piwik has a mysql table piwik_site

it has a field name which is a reserved word ‘group’ which stops me from adding my sites using a mysql script to insert lots of sites from GA to piwik_site table. this is driving me a bit nuts. :S

I don’t personally use the group field but it is set as NOT NULL so I can’t miss it from my mysql inserts statement.

anyone know how to get around this.

why did piwik use a field name which is a reserved word?

HELP please. :slight_smile:

thanks for any advice.


set it to empty string

the ‘group’ field is used to fetch websites from the API, by specifying a group. It is kind of a like a free form category.


thanks for the answer but that is the problem… mysql insert statements will not work in my system if the word ‘group’ is included as one of the insert fields.

I have got around it now though…
I renamed the original table and then created a new table exactly the same BUT set group to allow nulls. This has allowed me to remove group from my mysql inserts. seems to be working as i require now.



Can you use backticks around group ?

Okay, interesting! This is exactly the problem I have!

Please can anybody tell me how to change group into “group” in PHPMyAdmin?


Edit: Ai, this is simplerer (is this a word? sorry for me bad English!) than I thought. My provider told me that you cant change the field group. But it seems you can!

I logged in at PHPMyAdmin and went to table: piwik_site, than to the tab: structure, and changed the field group into “group”. And my backups are working again! Jippie!! (tu)