Phpmyvisitis 2.4 migrate to Piwik

(Blackguardone) #1

Hi Community

i got a question i collect data with phpmyvisitis2.4 and want to upgrade to Piwik.

But how to migrate this? is there a easy way or do i have to export the sql database and import it in Piwik?

I read there is a App but it is not developt yet.

any other way?

is the sql structure of phpmyvisitis2.4 with piwik compatible?

thanks for answers Blackguardone

(Fabian Becker) #2

You can’t import your data from phpMyVisits yet. Database is not compatible. You’ll have to wait for an import function or better leave the data behind.

(Blackguardone) #3

Hi Fabian

thanks for the answer very bad hmm well ok i have to look for another way becasue i tracked datas for over 1,5 years
OK well ich will post it here if i found a way .