phpbb3 tag problem

Hi everybody,
First of all excuse me for my poor english i’m french. I have a problem with the piwik tag on my phpbb3 board. The tag is on the overall_header file and it works ok with Firefox, my board is centered on the page. But with Internet Explorer, my board is on the left if you click on a category link and then it return on the center if you click on a topic link… I tried to copy the tag on the overall_footer but the problem is still the same.
Just try my board here and you’ll understand the problem :
I hope you will help me, thank you… style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif

Yes, I see it is doing that with IE. Was this doing this before the script was added? I ask because IE is flaky like that. I’ve checked it in Firefox, Opera, and IE. Since everything is working fine in FF and Opera, I will assume its an issue with your CSS and IE.

Can you wrap the … inside an ?