PHP7, Maria DB, Nginx or Apache

(Bringerofrain) #1

I’m about to pound my head here. I have two servers one is with NginX and one with Apache, both have PHP 7 and Maria DB, everything runs fine. I first built it with NginX and now with Apache just in case.

Here’s my issue, I’m not seeing anything in the DB no recording of data for tracking on both servers. piwik.php?isdite=1 generates 200 in the access logs and the subsequent access queries in the logs on both servers. There are no Errors on either servers.

Everything on the surface runs perfectly except there is no data collection on the backend. Tried all the trouble shooting, to no avail.

(Bringerofrain) #2

Remove this please.

I found the issue, it was the Firewall I had on Port 80 with AWS. I didn’t think this was an issue since I was getting HTTP 200 codes on the piwik server. Sorry for the thread.