Php5-json is claimed to be missing

I’m getting this during setup:
Piwik requires the php5-json extension which provides the functions json_encode() and json_decode()

But my CentOS 7 / PHP 7.0.26

and I definitely have the json extension installed (php70u-json)

any idea what should I be doing?



Can you check that the PHP version Piwik Matomo is using is the same as the one with php-json enabled. You could e.g. upload a phpinfo-file to the piwik directory and check there.

Keep in mind that Piwik 3 needs at least PHP 5.5.9.

Thanks Likas,
Everything apparently is installed correctly, but I realized that I hadn’t restarted php-fpm after the the install of the json module.
php -m said the module exists, but your comment about phpinfo revealed the JSON module didn’t get a section on this html output.
now all works, thanks!