PHP version supported

Can anyone please tell me if Matomo v4.7 is supposed to run on PHP v8.1.2? I’m asking because I just ran into a major failure when trying to upgrade from v.4.6 to v4.7.

Hello Stefano,

Can you write here the error your encountered ?
Actually my Matomo 4.7 run on a PHP 8.0.x (Debian) without any problems.
I’ll try on a 8.1 right now to reproduce your error :wink:


It seems to work on PHP 8.1.x but I had an issue with MySqL 5.7 (not PHP) due to new Matomo 4.7 DB issue?.


Matomo should work fine on PHP 8.1 (even though minor issues might still exist), so that upgrade might be independent of the PHP version and related to

Thanks a lot. I rolled back the system and retried the (automatic) update, this time everything went well… computer science is still a mystery sometimes.

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