Php version keeps getting switched from 7.1.1 to 5.4.45 on IIS


I am install Matomo on windows servers, and everytime i get to the step in the installation process, where the the 1st website details (name, url, etc ) are added and I click continue. The error screen pops up saying Matomo needs at least verion 5.5.9.

It was clearly on version 7.1.1 (which the image above shows) the entire time that is how I am able to get all to step 6 of the configuration. Image below

then as soon as i hit next i get this

I have been using matomo since it was piwik and never had issues with the installation until this past summer. I have been trying to install this now for a new site and i have been stuck for a week not understanding what the problem is. I have even copied the web.config from another setup and that didn’t work either.

links better views of the images