PHP tracking (help Please!)


I install the Piwik mod for dupal it states "The user account number is unique to the websites domain. Click the Settings link in your Piwik account, (I was never asked to make a Piwik account, and as far as I know I don’t have one.) then the Sites tab and enter the ID into this field. I could not find that so I disabled it (the MOD) and installed the program into the site. Now I have an Issue with the tracking code. I uploaded the php tracking code to my site.
now I need to get the code on my PHP pages. (index.php, template.php)

Question :

  1. It state “The client is used to generate the tracking URL that is wrapped inside a HTML code.
    Paste this code before the code in your pages.” The pages that I am trying to track are php and I don’t see any tag also when I make a html page to test it brakes the page and prints the code.

I been trying to get Piwik working on my site which is a combination of dupal,joomla*2,phpbb,osdate and flashchat. Dupal is the top CMS with joomla install under it, and the osdate,phpbb and flashchat which are under another domain. Would like them to be track also but that for a later date.




Disregard Problem solved