PHP sdk broken?


In the code below, I used my actual domain instead of mydomain

Also, the token is indeed “123”. No error raised, and nothing happened! Is the PHP stuff broken? I couldn’t set userId neither


    try {
          $matomoSiteId = 3;                  // Site ID
          $matomoUrl = ""; // Your matomo URL
          $matomoToken = "123";                  // Your authentication token , created on personal->security

          // Load object
          //included in autoload in prepended file require_once("MatomoTracker.php");

          // Matomo object
          $matomoTracker = new MatomoTracker((int)$matomoSiteId, $matomoUrl);

          // Set authentication token

          //$matomoTracker->setVisitorId( $_COOKIE[$cookie_name] );

          //get the visitorId to check in dashboard later
          $theMatomoVisitorId = $matomoTracker->getVisitorId() ;

          //let us get the userId to see if one exists:
            $matomoUserId = $matomoTracker->getUserId();
            if ($matomoUserId === false) {
              $matomoTracker->setUserId($cookie_val); //setting it to the cookie value for the main cookie
              echo "\r\n <h1>matomoUserId has been set to  $cookie_val for $theMatomoVisitorId \r\n</h1>";

            } else {
              echo "\r\n <h1>matomoUserId = $matomoUserId for $theMatomoVisitorId \r\n</h1>";
  } catch (\Throwable $th) {
      //throw $th;
      echo "<h1>Caught exception .... " . $th->getMessage() . "</h1>";