"PHP function rrd_fetch does not exist."

After upgrading piwik to 2.14 from 2.13.1 I now get this error:

“PHP function rrd_fetch does not exist. Please ensure you have installed PHP RRD functions: PHP: RRD - Manual

Google, nor the manual article didn’t seem to help much. I am not quite sure where to start in troubleshooting this one.

I can view the administration pages just fine, but anything concerning the Dashboard just displays the above error.

Hi there,

we do not use this function in Piwik, so I guess this error does not come from Piwik?

Its odd because it seems to be in a Piwik error frame…

[attachment 2346 rrd_fetch.png]

Only happens on Dashboard too.

I found out that it is due to the ServerMonitor plugin. Maybe you can create a bug report and thank developers, and also ask them to not rely on this function, if it is possible, as it would make their plugin a bit easier to use :slight_smile: Issues · Invision-Technology-Soultions/ServerMonitor · GitHub

Since the update of PHP 5.3 on 05.05.33
I Have also the error: "PHP function rrd_fetch does not exist Please Ensure you have installed PHP RRD functions.:

there is already a solution for the problem?