PHP cli Version MySQLi support ERROR

Hello i host a wordpress website on siteground and once i install matomo i receive thoose errors on matomo diagnostics:

PHP cli Version || Your PHP cli version is not compatible with the Matomo requirements. Please upgrade your PHP cli version, otherwise, you might have some archiving errors

MySQLi support | missing | Your PHP cli does not load the MySQLi extension. You might have archiving problems in Matomo but also others problems in your WordPress cron tasks. You should enable this extension

PHP version installed 7.4.33 and siteground support said mysqli extension is enabled i also tryied with php 8 without luck

I’m having the same issue with SiteGround. I do not see a stated minimal PHP cli version on the requirements page.

Is anyone having success with this?

Thank you.

Hey, I stumbled over the same Problem, but with hosting via joomla and the WordPress Plugin.
I also suspect this to cause a problem where user rights dont seem to carry over to Matomo.

Could the problems be caused bye the server configuration or is this a problem of matomo.

Thanks for any helpful hints.

Same issue here, also hosted with Siteground.

Trouble is, the requirements link to which doesn’t list them.

Hi @rockyshark, @Isidor, @Stanford_Griffith, @profoak
Did you check this:

Thanks Philippe but this also related to on-premise hosting. We’re using the Wordpress plugin and hosting on Siteground, so the command line fixes don’t really apply.

Looking for a help article that relates to the issue in the context of using the Wordpress plugin version of Matomo.

Hi @rockyshark,
I think @innocraft can help you to solve your issue…

Hi @rockyshark please review this guide to fix the issue:

If this doesn’t work, it means that php_binary_path is the wrong path. You’ll have to reach out with your hosting provider and ask what is the correct path to enter instead of /usr/bin/php

I hope this helps.


Ah! i think that’s what I’m looking for. Thanks Emerson!

It might be worth updating the link in the System report error (located here wp-admin/admin.php?page=matomo-systemreport) to this help article instead of the self-hosted one.

Thanks again!

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GitHub ticket created at: