PHP 8.0 not ready

I havent’ checked others who might have asked the same question, but updating from 7.4 to 8.0 crashes the site. Can you advice?

Hi @Criss
PHP 8.0 may be OK, as there are already some fixed for 8.1 (and 8.2 is currently being fixed).
Which version of Matomo do you run?
What issues do you encounter?

hello, I have this setup:
Version Matomo: 4.13.1
Version MySQL: 10.3.37-MariaDB
Version PHP: 7.4.33

If I activate 8.0 from my server I get a “service unavailable” page

Can you check:

  • If the Matomo website and the Matomo CLI are using the same PHP version?
  • If there is some errors in the Matomo error log file?

Looks like there are no errors in my domain log (unless there’s some specific folder I should look under matomo installationm). The main site is not updated to 8.0 yet, as I was getting the same problem so I though of starting updating Php from my subdomains instead. Could that be the issue?

→ See:

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean…?

I have instelled the LogViewer but I cannot find the page to view any logs on screen.

To answer your second question, I meant that I have first tried to enable php.8 to my Matomo installation (which is in a subdomain of my main site), in order to avoid any breaks to the main site. I wanted to enable php.8 step by step for each app that is hosted under my main site (e.g. acocunting, crm, etc.). Maybe it was just a silly thought.

You can either check piwik/tmp/logs/matomo.log file (as described in the doc), or:

For different versions of PHP installed, no idea. But you should find some error log somewhere (in Matomo? in PHP? in Apache? in the OS?)