PHP 7 compatibility?

how about Piwik & PHP 7 compatibility?
I found some Tickets - but no definitely β€œgo for PHP 7” Statement … ?! :wink:

So is it safe to use Piwik on PHP 7 in production? (as I would like the Performance Boost of PHP 7 …)

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

We are using Piwik under a server running PHP 7.0.5, and we have experienced no problem so far.

alright - running latest Piwik on PHP 7.0.7 since yesterday - and no problems so far!
Just had to manually compile PECL GEOIP from latest SVN Trunk (Release won’t compile with PHP 7) --> PHP: Index of /pecl/geoip/trunk


Piwik is PHP7 compatible :+1:

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I almost caved upgrading to PHP 7.0.7 from PHP 5.4 in preparation for Piwik 3.0 as there were 2 errors I could not get around. However, we were finally successful upgrading PHP with both PHP7.0.13 and PHP7.0.14. After the upgrade, we needed to boost our memory to 2G as we blew past the default allowed memory size. Hope this helps.