Phone Call Tracking

(djmweb) #1

Is there a way to track phone calls? I have a phone service that has a api… can I use the api to integrate the info into the Piwik’s stats page?

(vipsoft) #2

Probably doable. Can’t say how difficult it would be to implement though.

(djmweb) #3

I found a phone service that provides tracking and they have a API. I was thinking I can just integrate their report into the Piwik. How hard would this be?

Here is the link to the api…

(vipsoft) #4

Easy to capture the call “form” data, but because the GET isn’t from a browser, you wouldn’t be using the Piwik tracking code. Your code would either GET piwik.php (passing parameters in the URL) or use the API (which might be incomplete depending on what you’re trying to capture).

That said, their call tracking analytics are already very extensive. You can use an iframe or download the data and visualize it with other tools.