Phone call tracking with Matomo

Like many companies, we get many sales over the phone after our customers have visited our website. Our eCommerce conversion tracking is grossly inaccurate because we have no way of associating the calling customer with their visitor data in Matomo. A call-tracking feature would be great:

  1. One website, next to phone number, user sees uniquely generated code with a message like “give us this code when you call to guarantee the prices offered today”
  2. User calls, places order, gives unique customer code to customer representative
  3. After hanging up, customer representative enters unique customer code into Matomo with price of sale, or maybe into a spreadsheet so multiple customer codes/sales can be imported at once
  4. Matomo’s analytics are updated with phone-call conversion data and associated with visitors history:
    entry page, footprint, time on site, site they came from, search engine keywords, etc.

Using another analytics script, we had this feature on our website 10 years ago. The script used javascript to auto-generate unique customer codes. Codes were shown where we wanted them by placing a code snippet in various places on our website. After getting customer order over the phone, using cvs file, we imported unique customer codes (with sales amounts) into the analytics script and all data would update to reflect phone call conversions. Even if customer didn’t purchase, we would enter code and analytics would show as “called.”

This phone call conversion tracking was very helpful but we stopped using script and this feature is no longer offered.

I’d be happy to pay for a premium Matomo plugin with this feature. Would be valuable for all website owners who get customer sales over the phone after customer first visits company website.

Is this one for free? I would like to give a try for it.

Hello there,
Can we thermostats too with matomo?
Are they provide any free service for it?

Unless I totally misunderstand your question, I wouldn’t recommend controlling the heating in your home using an website analytics solution.