Phishing warning by Google

My fully up to day piwik site is this morning being flagged by Google as phishing.
Does any of you got a clue there I should start investigating? There doesnt seem to been any files changed on the server outside of /tmp

Best regards. Lars

Hi there can you send a link to the site ? and screenshot ? We haven’t heard of such problem but maybe can take a look!

+1 in Chrome have block…

Hi again

The URL is and the warning I get in Chrome looks like this (in danish):

I’m still very much interested in finding a solution.

Best regards,


Lars, when I load your site from here I get:

As a result of an irregular request, your access to this site was restricted!
Complete the following field to temporarily access this website. If your access is still restricted, next time you visit this site, you may want to contact the site owner.

It seems the piwik is not loading somehow and an error page instead?

Hi again

Hmm… strange. I get to usual piwik login screen on all the computers I have access to.

Maybe you are getting CloudFlare’s Captcha? Can you send a screenshot?

Thanks for all your help

I got the phishing warning when I accessed the site with Firefox version 32.0.3.

I went through the Firefox Help system, and was told that the phishing warning is caused by Google’s safe browsing service. I told Firefox to ignore the warning and access the site anyway. After doing this, I was able to use another feature in Firefox to report the incorrect phishing alert to Google, which I did.

Somebody with malicious intent must have reported the site to Google as a phishing site.

We’ll see what happens.

Well, it look like Google decided to remove the warning - and everything is back to normal.

I have no idea why, but I guess it is just the way the internet works these days.