Personal feeling VS. Truth/Fact about translation


I am not sure if the “personal feeling” and the “truth” are the right words to describe this thing, but let me explain.

Note: I am not talking about the politics. I am not interesting in talking about ROC or PRC. I am talking about truth or the fact. I think a translator should have a basic faith in truth.


There are 2 Chinese Languages commonly use in the world.

One is “Chinese Simplified(chs)”, And another is “Chinese Traditional(cht)”.

chs is used in China, Singpore, Malaysia.
cht is used in Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau.

chs is named 简体中文
cht is named 整體中文 or 繁體中文

But in piwik, the name of cht is named 台灣語(Taiwanese/Taiwan Language).

There is no 台灣語 in the world. And one reason why we should not call it 台灣語 is that People using Chinese Traditional are not only from Taiwan, but also from HongKong and Macau.

If you call it 台灣語, Can a person from HongKong call it 香港語(HongKong Language)? Can a person from Macau call it 澳門語(Macau Language)? Can a person from Canada call English as Canada Language? I know English in Canada and in UK are a bit different, but it is still English. Same as for Chinese Traditional, you can call it Chinese Traditional(Taiwan) to tell the difference from that in Hong Kong, but not call it Taiwanese language. (Actually in most cases, there is no difference between cht(tw) and cht(hk) and in most softwares, there are only chs and cht instead of chs(chn),chs(sing),chs(mas),cht(tw),cht(hk) and cht(mo))

And in fact, there are many people in China and Singpore are using Chinese Traditional as well.

And note that what I am talking about is the written language, NOT spoken language. Different spoken languages may use same written language, for example, the people using Min[4] in Taiwan and the people using Cantonese[5] in Hong Kong are all using Chinese Traditional. But people using Cantonese in Guangdong are using Chinese Simplified.

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ok, the 2 main reasons we should not named it “台灣語” are:

  1. It confuses the Traditional Chinese users from Hong Kong, Macau and China(yes, there are some people in China use traditional chinese) , even people from Taiwan(piwik 免費網站統計系統再次試用 | 蝸牛總是想落跑)

  2. When we are doing translation, we should follow the fact/truth. And even we do other things, we should always follow the fact/truth. One can do anything he/she want privately, but here is a open source community, piwik is a public project.


Actually, there is a “台灣語/台語”(Taiwanese Language). But it is pointed to “Taiwanese Hokkien”[1]. It is more a spoken language, and it is really different from Traditional Chinese(Taiwan) which is more a written language.

[1]Taiwanese Hokkien - Wikipedia

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