Personal Email Reports improvements and problems

Hello there,

About Personal Emails Reports :

  1. We have to choose a website… And if we choose “All websites” it doesn"t work. Soooo not good as it could be a serious reason to change from GA to Piwik. Please improve.
  2. French caracter (as é ou à) doesn"t go well in the email report (in the title) (actualité becomes actualité) : please html_entity_decode that ! You are french developpers… Thank you
  3. Last : an evolution of the visits for all website (or at least one) would be marvelous… as it is the first point of web stats… no ?

Thank you to all the team

Hi there,

  1. what information do you need exactly for All Websites? Maybe we can improve Piwik but there is already “All Websites” simple report available. It does not work for you? Try to upgrade to latest version

  2. will be fixed in: Special characters in website name not shown correctly · Issue #7531 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

  3. please comment in: All websites dashboard - show a graph on the page · Issue #7543 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Thank you Matt for your fast answer.

I have just been upgrading to 2.12.1.
I just would like an all websites stats on a week, or a month for one value (or two). For example numbers of viewed pages or visitors from Monday to Sunday for all websites. I know I can have it but I need to create a report for each website.
On the all websites page, there are charts on the right which shows the evolution of the visits : that kind of chart is perfect but I can’t receive it via mail report… it’s sad or maybe i can do it but i don’t know how.
Thanks anyway

@matt: I am trying to generate an e-mail report for all websites, too. But actually I can’t find the “All Websites” report you mentioned.
Where can I find this option?

Any advice?

When creating a scheduled email report, you should see “All website” checkbox.