Performance Problem with Custom Dimensions

Hello, we have been using Matomo on premise with many plugins for our customers for years. Since we have been using custom dimension and the custom reports plugin for a customer, the performance has dropped significantly. Archiving of data sets is started again and again, but never seems to end. Archiving runs for many hours and never stops. Does anyone else have these problems?
many thanks in advance

Hi @uscreen
What is the Matomo version you use?
How many dimensions did you add(and at which level?)?
What is the volume of data you manage? Do you also process ranges?
How did you configure the archiving?

Hi, @heurteph-ei
I’m so sorrry that I forgot these information. Many thanks of your reply

Matomo version: 5.0.3
PHP version: 8.1.27

We only got one level of dimensions and we are working with 7 dimension
We handle about 25.000 Visitors per day (since about 7 years).
We are doing (trying to do) the archiving job automatically 4 times a day now. We tried it also via manually, but it didn’t worked. Now we don’t get any reports, because the archiving is not done.

Hi @uscreen
Then I think you are doing archiving via CRON.
Can you check if there is error in the CRON execution? Normally you should have configured a log file for the CRON.
Also, can you check if you see some errors in the Matomo error log file?