Performance Problem, Please Check This



I have 10 blog site and i am monitoring statics from piwik for these sites.
Overall , all site have arround 1000 visitor in piwik db. But it is really works slow.

I want to know, my hosting configuration is enough?
Please give me suggestions about my server configuration (i cant change any thin cuse of host company but , can change hosting company :slight_smile: )

My Php info here :
Do you think my php info enogh for Piwik ? Or not ? Please give me suggestions, what i need to run piwik faster on my server…
And please give me an idea , how many seconds piwik can ready to preview with recorded 1000 visitors data. (i am waiting 40-60 seconds)

Edit : I checked piwik demo. It is really works speedly. My websites has no data yet near piwik demo data. But it is working too slowly :frowning:


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Do this: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

And enable DB sessions (see FAQ)

Is it better?


1- I could not anything about first advice. I dont have vps or dedicated server. I have only my hosting company specific panel and i can not do anything (it is very restricted)

2-I changed configini , i added session_save_handler = dbtable after plugins installed comments.
And it works better now.But not enough.

Do you think enough for piwik ? Mysql ram limit is 128 M, do you think, MySQL looks like the water in the desert ? what should i feel, if i were Mysql :slight_smile: