Performance maximization: Open Lite Speed as Matomo Server?

I am trying to maximize performance as much as possible.

I have been testing Matomo on a new managed host (Scalahost) and really like their offering. For performance, they have suggested using either “Light Speed” or “Open Lite Speed” server (Assuming this: instead of Apache. This is not something I can find any info about in these forums and it is not mentioned in Matomo’s docs, as far as I can tell – only NGNIX and lighttpd are recommended as alternatives.

Anyone have any experience with these two additional option they are suggesting to boost performance?


There are definitely people running Matomo on LiteSpeed, but I have to say that I don’t know it at all.

You have to make sure that the directories that need to be private are private (so either via the .htaccess files Matomo generates or taking inspiration from the nginx config. And you need to keep in mind that anything where the webserver interferes with requests more than just forwarding might arbitrarily break things. (e.g. mod_security rules that accidently match on and block some tracking requests).

And I doubt that another webserver will be significantly faster than Nginx or Apache as they do the exact same thing and serving static files is not really that limiting and in every PHP request, the PHP runtime will be much longer than what the webserver needs to do.

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Thanks for the input here, Lukas.

They’re really boasting about some dramatic gains by using it with Wordpress here:

But this is also based on the usage of caching plugins — and they use different caching plugins for apache, NGNIX and Litespeed, which seems to put the results in question. Seems they’d need to just run vanilla installs of the same software before decisions about caching are made via plugin and then compare performance difference for PHP, dynamic content delivery.