Percentage Search Exits



I wanted to know how the percentage site exits work for a particular keyword under piwik site search tracking.

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It counts the % of users, who searched for this keyword, and then haven’t done anything else on the site (they exited the website)


Thank You for your reply.
Could you please let me know how the calculation of the percentage search exits is been done in piwik.



As shown in the attached screenshot,
Only the first visitor who exited the site after searching for a keyword is shown as 100%. But for the later visitors who exited the site after searching for a keyword is shown as 0%. So please suggest me, why could this be happening and also let me know how this % Search Exits is being calculated in piwik.



Please reply to my previous post, i need to know how percentage search exits is being calculated and check if the tracking is working fine or not and explain to my client. Its quite urgent please help me
Thank You in advance

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The formulae is, EXIT RATE = % of users who searched for this keyword / % of users who searched this keyword and then exited the site


Thank you very much for the reply,

Please check the attached screenshot,
The scenario here is for a single visitor who browsed through the pages of the website.
Later the user search using the first keyword in the screenshot and exits the site but the %search exits is 0% but actually it should be 100%(Please correct me if i am wrong). Later the user again visits the site and search using the keywords in the screenshot and exits the site and still the %search exits is 0%.
Please suggest me where am i going wrong and i am using " Javascript trackSiteSearch() function" for site search tracking.

Thank You…