PDO and PDO_MSQL and Install

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I’m trying to install piwik on a wordpress blog on bluehost; I had to manually add the .so files to the .ini file.

If I run <? phpinfo(); ?>, it says they’re running. But piwik seems to think they’re not.

Does anyone have any thoughts or workarounds for this?


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As a follow-up,

BlueHost installs pdo_mysql and pdo automatically, but you need to install the php.ini from your cPanel.

Further, you need to place the edited file (see BlueHost documentation for the extension=pdo.so mumbo-jumbo) INTO the folder where piwik is for it to recognize its existence.


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My mutualized waiter which has a base mysql n’ do not accept system PDO Can you give me a solution
thank you


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Salvatore. Please ask your shared hosting provider for details.

Ideally your provider enables the required extensions in the master php.ini. In some cases, a local php.ini might be recognized if php runs as a cgi binary (as opposed to an apache module); in this case, the php.ini file has to be copied into every working directory that php code is executed from. (Rather than figure this out, some will recommend simply copying it into every subdirectory.)

If you know the extensions exist but aren’t being loaded, you could try modifying piwik to load these modules dynamically at runtime. See the example in http://php.net/dl

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Hello, thank you for your answer When I make l’ Piwik installation donot can create the database, the waiter n’ do not accept l’ extention PDO, as I am not an expert I m’ in fate not has soon