PDF tracking


 Is PIWIK providing PDF tracking feature? . Can you please provide the process .

 It will be help full if you provide some sample code.

  Thanks in advance.

Sai prasad.P

It’s automatic New to Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks for the reply.

   Actually i would like to track the following actions.

  1) How many times PDF is [b]downloaded[/b] 
  2) How many times that downloaded PDF is [b]opened[/b] 
  3) How much [b]time he spent on each page[/b].

Can we track all this using PIWIK .

Sai Prasad.P

Please Provide the information whether PIWIK is providing the above features or NOT.

Sai Prasad.P

You can’t track how many times a Pdf is opened, I don’t think it is possible at all.

However You can track how many times its downloaded with Piwik.