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(morca) #1


I would like ask you if you have the same problem with not getting pdf reports on your e-mail …?

I do have pdf plugin activated, set up daily report, but nothing received :frowning: If I send report manually I receive it without any problems.

Please can you let me know how can I set up PIWIK, so I can receive reports on my e-mail?

Thank you

(morca) #2


does some of you have the same prob, or I need to set up somehting …

Please let me know, these report would be very usefull.


(Matthieu Aubry) #3

some users have issues receiving email reports, there is a ticket: Automatic PDF email report not working when PDF report is linked to deleted site · Issue #2155 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

(morca) #4


thank you, I would like ask if I can make cron task, if yes, please could someone help me to set up this?

Thank you very much


I have the same problem as morca even with cron set up and running correctly. For me the problem was introduced with version 1.2. Before I received the scheduled PDF reports.

Update: I had a look at the output of the archive.sh script and noticed that scheduled task section shows “No data available” even for days when a report should have been scheduled.

The pdf reports are stored correctly in table “piwik_pdf” as far as I can see. Column “ts_last_sent” shows the dates I last received the reports automatically (Before upgrading to 1.2).

Strange thing is, I setted up a fresh daily PDF report yesterday and received it like planned this morning. The script output also showed the processing of this task correctly.

To sum that, for me, the problem only exists for scheduled pdf reports that were created in versions earlier than 1.2.1. Those stopped working after upgrading.

I will now recreate all PDF report schedules and look what happens.


(morca) #6

Hello n0v1,

pls could you help me, how to get pdf reports on my e-mail, while automatic pdf reports does not works?

Sorry for probably silly question, but I am not strong IT …

Thank you very much


Hi morca,

since you get manually requested pdf reports it seems that your installation is set up correctly. In contrast to you I have configured auto archiving. Is that possible for you too? Do you have access to the cron utility of your server? The problem seems to be related to configurations without cron archiving. So if you can set up cron jobs, I’d suggest you follow the instructions for auto archiving: 301 Moved Permanently


(Matthieu Aubry) #8

morca, please install latest RC (see blog post), If you still have a problem with it post a message here

(morca) #9

Hello Matt,

unfortunately using piwik 1.3, but still does not working … :frowning:

(Matthieu Aubry) #10

The issue was finally fixed in Piwik! please test, the latest RC and report if it still does not work for you: 301 Moved Permanently

(morca) #11

Hello Matt,

sorry for silly question … latest on piwik.org is still 1.3 version (I am also using 1.3 version).

Does it mean you have done some changes in 1.3 and you wont issue new version with different number? If yes is it all I have to do just to replace old 1.3 by new 1.3?

Thank you

(Matthieu Aubry) #12

The forum post I link to is about 1.4-rc (but you can wait 2 days for final 1.4 as well)

(morca) #13


great all works correctly :slight_smile:

Please let me give you my opinion, the report is good and as detailed as we set up, but if I imagine perfect situation, so the report would be as detailed as is set up in www, I mean to get report with graphs. Because if It gives me complete idea about progress in visits …

Does exist something like this?