PDF reports

Hello all,

I would like ask you for help. I am using Piwik 1.0 and I have troubles with PDF reports:

  • plugin PDFReports is active
  • I have set up schedule for PDFReports (daily sending), but it does not work
  • if I do: “Send Report now” I received e-mail corectly

I have found in other topics, that I would have to set up crone, but some says it should work without crone.

Thank you

I have the same prob’!

please wait for next piwik release, which should fix this issue. It will be released in a few days.


I am using new version Piwik 1.1.1, but the problem with not sending PDF reports still here … :frowning: Do you have the same prob or it works to some of you?

Thank you for help, PDF reports would be useful

have the same problem here, Piwik 1.1.1

Pdf reports setup weekly ( 3 sites)
no report send automatically

download of report is ok
sent manually is ok
report itself seems to have all options which are marked at setup

Same here. Latest version and still not working.

To all, Do you use the “Auto archiving” cron script?

No cronjob set up here…

same here, no cron job for archiving.

Archiving settings are:

viewed from browser > yes

Reports for today will be processed at most every 1800

it might be a problem that the PDF reports are not sent in your case. We try to also trigger the tasks when visitors visit the site, Piwik tries once per hour to trigger the script, which should then trigger the PDF reports.

What is the content of your piwik/tmp/cache/tracker/general.php ?

Also, can you look in your error logs and see if there is any PHP error loggued?

What is the content of your piwik/tmp/cache/tracker/general.php ?[/quote]


$content   = array (
  'isBrowserTriggerArchivingEnabled' => true,
  'lastTrackerCronRun' => 1297827246,

$cache_complete   = true;


Also, can you look in your error logs and see if there is any PHP error loggued?

No entries in php (5.2.13 )error log

question: should the archiving set to 3600 instead 1800 ?


$content   = array (
  'isBrowserTriggerArchivingEnabled' => true,
  'lastTrackerCronRun' => 1297869321,

$cache_complete   = true;


No error logs available.

so the web Cron is triggered apparently on your server, but somehow the PDF reports are not sent.

Is it possible to test on 1.2-rc1 ? see details in 301 Moved Permanently
you can take a backup to be safe

yes I can do a test drive on my test server, as it has the same setup.
Have the 1.1.1 install on and can do even an upgrade and test how it goes.

Will be not earlier then tomorrow and results should be in coming Tuesday as the auto-log will be created Mondays only.

I did install 1.2-rc1 and set up a daily report.
Will see what happens.

Awaiting your results Silenz :slight_smile:

It works fine . i had installed the 1.2rc3 and got my PDF report on time :slight_smile:

I did an upgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.2rc3.
Auto pdf report is not created, :frowning:
Manual report works fine.

No cron archive jobs set. Archiving by browser with 1800 as interval.

no php errors in php error log.

turbo, can you try and set debug on, explained in: Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Then delete your file tmp/cache/tracker/general.php

then hit your piwik.php URL (using firebug). At the bottom you should see the scheduled tasks debug output, it might have the error in it ?


using firebug and showing at the “console tab” I don’t get any error messages when opening piwik.
Going to different pages, also nothing.

I haven’t used firebug before, is it even the correct tab to look at ?