Patch: fix SQL in Live plugin (0.5.1)

(blueyed) #1

The Live plugin does not work in 0.5.1, the following patch fixes this (by using log_link_visit_action.idaction_url instead of log_link_visit_action.idaction (which does not exist))

(Gaz) #2

I just updated to 0.5 and had the same problem, this fix appears to work. Thanks for sharing style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

(black_kite) #3

thx thats works


How are you able to apply that diff file ?

Couldn’t you not just attach an already modified file ?

Sorry if i’m been a bit of a burden (or something).

(vipsoft) #5

Thanks blueyed.

(tiw) #6

I had the same problem with the liveOverView-Plugin.
I also replaced the “idaction” with “idaction_url” a few times.
It seems i did it right, the plugin works fine now.

Here is my edited LiveOverView-API-file. Just replace it with the existing.
All without guarantee! Make a backup before!



For me, that file produce a bigger bug.