Password asked for updating general settings of SEOWebVitals for Wordpress plugin user

I am a Wordpress plugin user trialing the premium bundle.
When trying to add the Page Speed API Token in the general settings of SEOWebVitals I get a dialog window asking me to t confirm the change with a password.
I’ve tried my wordpress password, I’ve tried my matomo password, these all return the “The current password you entered is not correct”. Yet these are both correct passwords. Please advise.

Hi @MicheleW are you able to provide a screenshot of this occurring, as well confirm your access privileges? Are there any errors present in your web server log or developers console within your browser when this occurs. Also could you please provide us a copy of your system check just for further insight to help us resolve this: How do I find and copy the system report in Matomo for WordPress?

Hi @MicheleW can you please also review: How to fix “The current password you entered is not correct” in the plugin releases 4.12 and 4.13

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Hello Varun,

This is indeed the correct solution to the problem. Thank you (and the support team that mailed me).
I hope this topic will help other users too.