Partial problems with tracking



we are using Piwik to track some websites which has been working fine so far. After an update to Piwik 1.4 we have some problems with the tracking or just the tracking-gui:

Websites which have been working before the update, are now with no data in the webgui - even though the traffic is tracked in the table “piwik_log_visit” for the specific websites.

Other websites are working fine, which is strange. So this leads to the assumption that the configuration of the not working sites seems to broken after the update. We already checked the hints in the faq which did’nt help us.

I saw in the forum that others might have similar problems - are there any suggestions what we can check or change to make it work again?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Check your apache error logs?
what’s your site URL?



I solved the problem: After checking that Piwik was able to insert the actions into the database-tables I figured that the problem might be in the “”.

After adapting the memory_limit of php to 512M (as already documented by Piwik) I ran the “”-script and voila: the graphs and everything was there.

It probably might be a good idea to create an error_log for the “”…

Thanks for a really great tracking solution!