Parse Error in phpBB, Tracking does not work

I inserted the tracking code in my phpBB (, but soon I found Piwik not counting any forum pages. Safari’s error console reports an parse error, but I can’t find out why.

Can anyone give a hint?

P.S. if you view the sourcecode of my forum’s pages you will see, I added the tracking pixel. I added it to let track Piwik anyhow.

Tracking of phpBB forums works fine. I placed the tracking code in overall_footer.html directly before or after the “Powered by” link, e.g. (non-commercial German-Indian forum). In Piwik you should exclude the sid parameter.

Hi I’ve encountered the same problem.

try to replace

} catch(err) {}


} catch(err) { }

This error occurs if you’re using smarty without {literal} tag which PHPBB is using.

Hope this help.