Parameters or...?


I have a feeling that this has been asked, just I don’t know what its called to search…

So, if you goto
It’ll count as a view on the site for site 2…

So, I see idsite=2 makes it so, and whats rec mean?

But that’s not the main question… See those 2 things? Is their a list of them? For example, what if I want to log another page as being visited, what can I add at the end? Like, rec=2? Or?

I’d just like to know how to manually do this?

If you need clarification, please ask,

Justin W.

Edit: I guess I should put it as like; If I have a site, with 3 buttons, and I want to know how many people would click on button 1, button 2, and button 3, but I want them all under the same site, how would I do this?


Is their nothing anyone can recommend to do for this?

It has to be possible…

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

If you put the JS code in each page, the pages will be tracked. You can also use the javascript tracking API at: to track custom pages (ie. trigger 2 page views on 1 page when the user does an additional action).

There is currently no documented list of all parameters to the API, but they can be obtained from the Tracker API file:


Alright, sounds great… Thanks for the reply! =)