_paq.push multiple Campaign Names and Keywords with setCampaignNameKey setCampaignKeywordKey

Hello everyone. I need to add custom campaign names (i.e. lead_src) and keywords (i.e. promo_code), but maintain Matomo’s defaults (i.e. pk_cpn,pk_campaign,piwik_campaign, etc…) and GA defaults (utm_campaign,utm_source,utm_medium).

I followed the instructions on How do I customize the Matomo Campaign parameters pk_campaign and pk_kwd?, and particularly, the Notes section it says:


these two functions also accept an array of strings. If an array of names is specified, the first non empty campaign or keyword parameter value will be selected.

So I went ahead and:

1) Override the parameters in the config file

My config/config.ini.php now has this portion of code:

campaign_var_name = "lead_src,promo_code,pk_cpn,pk_campaign,piwik_campaign,mtm_campaign,matomo_campaign,utm_campaign,utm_source,utm_medium"
campaign_keyword_var_name = "promo_code,pk_kwd,pk_keyword,piwik_kwd,mtm_kwd,mtm_keyword,matomo_kwd,utm_term"

But my issue/question comes with the second instruction:

2) Customize the parameters in the Javascript.

If the function accepts an array, then to my understanding, the correct Javascript code should be this:

_paq.push(["setCampaignNameKey", [ "lead_src", "promo_code", "pk_cpn", "pk_campaign", "mtm_campaign", "piwik_campaign", "matomo_campaign", "utm_campaign", "utm_source", "utm_medium" ]]);
_paq.push(["setCampaignKeywordKey", [ "promo_code", "pk_kwd", "mtm_kwd", "piwik_kwd", "matomo_kwd", "utm_term" ]]);

I searched quite a while before posting this topic, seems this shows a hint: Wird hier anonym geloggt? (code inside!). Also /4.4.1/js/piwik.js shows setCampaignNameKey function as receiving a single string OR an array.

Hope someone can confirm or correct where wrong. Thanks!