Paid search tracking and differentiation

For a website that is being used in paid search, one of the biggest backdraws is inability to differentiate between paid and organic traffic. That’s where I get tempted to go back to GA.
A way to tag URLs from AdWords that would be recognized by Piwik would be great.


See: Tracking Campaigns – Analytics Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks. I knew about campaigns, but can I filter it so I see all but campaigns? I get the stats from PPC engines as well, but I would like to see organic only.
I guess you could make it so it deducts all what’s marked as a campaign. That report could represent organic traffic (including bookmarks, direct entries, etc.)


I am interested in something similar to this. We currently use Adobe SiteCatalyst and you are able to set something called Paid Search Detection. All it does is look in the URL for a variable such as s_kwcid or leadsource. When it sees that it then sounds that visit as coming from paid search. I have modified the campaign_var_name in the config file so i looked for those variables but it creates a campaign for each one which isn’t helpful for us since we have hundreds of campaigns running at once.

It would be nice to have a simple way to tag a visit as paid search based on a URL variable.

labber, you could easily do this using Custom Variable with scope “visit” and create for example variable name=“PaidSearch” and value="$campaign name"

or do the same via a Campaign name=“PaidSearch” Value=“Campaign name here”