Pageviews per visitor stats


I would think it is a major need to be able to display a list of the top X (e.g. 10 or 50 or whatever) clients (visitors) based on the No. of pageviews.

This need is dictated by the current inability to understand the distribution of the number of pageviews across visitors.

This could also help in increasing security by identifying high undesirable activity by particular visitors.

The top client (visitor) would be the one who (for the specified period) had the greatest number of pageviews.

The list would include the client domain name (if available), the IP address, the No. of pageviews.

If possible, the same feature could be further developed (directly or at a second stage) as follows:

[li] Selecting a particular site page (e.g. from a dropdown with site pages), would display the same stats but for the particular page only.
[/li][li] Clicking on a client (visitor) on the list would display the top X site pages visited by that client (again for the specified period), based on the No. of pageviews.

If you agree on the usefulness of this feature, please explicitly state so, to express user interest and accelerate inclusion in the development roadmap.


Yes, please, great idea, Nick.

I think this would really help understand conversion on your websites. What stats are really about is understanding who are your “best” visitors and what they are doing on your website and than make that better. It would be great addition to Piwik.

Also i think that focusing on easy tracking of conversions, specific segments, visitors journey, etc would really be great and make Piwiki even more attractive. This is the reason why I do like Piwik, you get what you need without any extra clutter.


Has this feature been included in latest versions or perhaps in the roadmap?

Please provide an update!