Pageviews in visitors/real-time but not in behaviour/pages

for our website we host matomo with these versions on our own server:

  • Matomo version: 4.15.1
  • MySQL version: 10.5.21-MariaDB-0+deb11u1
  • PHP version: 8.1.25
  • system check and tracking failures report nothing

We noticed that we couldn’t find any statistics for certain pages in behavior/pages. That seemed unbelievable to us. When I open the corresponding pages in my browser, I see that a page view has taken place to these pages in matomos visitors/real-time. However, when I go to matomos behavior/pages I can’t find these pages.

any ideas?

Hi @unite
Maybe you track a lot of pages. In this case:
Either clean the tracked page from query stream parameters that make false doubloons:

  • In the tracking code
  • Via :gear: > Measurables > Manage > Your site > Excluded Parameters

Or update configuration file to get more results in reports: