Pageviews count lesser that Visits


I am observing some anomaly with the data displayed in piwik dashboard widget – Visits Overview (with Graph).
For a day, I notice that the Visits Overview (with Graph) dashboard widget has recorded more visits (33) and lesser Pageviews (15).
As I understand pageviews has to be greater than or equal to the number of visits.
Am I missing something here? Any help is appreciated.

On a related note: This is a default setup, with one config change. I have reduced the visit_standard_length value from 1800 to 120. Not sure if that can be the cause.


Did you resolve this issue?

After a recent deployment I am having the same issue. In some cases Piwik is tracking more visits than pageviews. I haven’t been able to find the (assumed) bug in our code causing the problem.

Same issue here. For a month I have 9949 visits (6839 unique visits) and only 3249 pageviews (2258 pageviews). How can this be?