Pagespeed insights

I was wondering if anyone can help . I used to use Piwik on my website but left it as it was way to slow on my host

But I have been trying to speed up my webite by using googles pagespeed and they keep suggesting this
Leverage browser caching (expiration not specified)
I just can’t seem to find it or where it is… I tried
brings up a sign in page but can’t sign in at all

any ideas please


It seems my website is calling piwik and is unable to find it which is in turn slowing down my website…
I am unable to log in or remove any info to this … Is there anyone who can help me with this please

Doesn’t anyone answer, I need help to remove my site from piwik.
My hosting and I cannot find a trace of piwik on my website
Have sent a message in the other day and no answer either

If you did not add the tracking script to your site, you are probably not going to find it. What is the URL of your website that is allegedly calling “”? Are you using an iframe based content piece or other included content from an external source that might be calling the script?

thaks for replying … Am I allowed to show my website here … I’ll send a pm incase it is not OK

You’re not trying to market your site so it is probably within the rules, but just send me a PM to be safe.