Pages incorrect listing under actions

I’ve noticed that under the actions tab the pages are not being displayed correctly.

This seems to happen on all the pages that have a / in the url parameter

For example:
/index.php is fine



Does not

It has the pathing correct up to

Then it displays home as an item under /shop/index.php?route=common

So it thinks the / in the URL parameter is another directory when it’s not.

Am I the only one with this issue, is there a way to adjust this, or is it just a bug?

Forgot to mention I am on the latest 1.9.2 version
With the ClickHeat plugin installed

There was someone else with a problem i theorized may invovle something from this solution your description reminded me of it.

your first error could be related to a DocumentRoot error found this-

"One of my clients had a similar issue with Apache on Windows. On any request he was getting:

[error] [client] File does not exist: D:/apache
I realized that the DocumentRoot was missing form the httpd.conf."

your 2nd error may be related to .htacess file. Would i be correct in guessing you are running a windows server?

also try this in your .htaccess file see if it helps.

php_flag short_open_tag off

The server is a linux server

We are not seeing any error messages, just that PiWik seems to be processing URLs with / in a URL Parameter as being in another directory.

See attached image.

The URL’s and main site are running fine, the parameters being put in the URL’s are correct, but PiWik just seems to think that they are another directory. Perhaps that is the tree view code being used on that page that just parses / to make subfolders?

What exactly does the php_flag short_open_tag off do?

I am assuming you are talking about appling that setting to a .htaccess in piwik
However one does not exist for it, it’s no problem making one. Just making sure this is normal before I begin adjusting it.

see FAQ about hierarchical page tracking: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

see FAQ about hierarchical page tracking: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Ah ha! That explains it like I thought it was doing.

The problem though is that I like how it’s doing it, just that I don’t want it to do it on the URL parameters. It does’nt look like there is a way to exclude those from that process, and using the other seperators would’nt really work as it would cause confusion in search engine results. The script might be plausable, but I’ll have to think about how to implement it across the site effectively.

If I set that delimeter to nothing, would it just show the files on that page like so:


instead of

That’s how I think it would do it, just want to make sure before I put it in place.