PageReport: additional columns for cities


Hello all,

I have the requirement from our customer that in the page report should be visible for every page how many visitors came from city A, how many from city B and so on.

I found the custom dimensions plugin, installed it and tracked the visitors city (the visitor is a logged in user from whom we track the city given in his profile). The problem is the presentation. Here she has for every city listed the pages but she wants for every page listed all the cities in order she has all cities in one view for a page.

Now my questions:

  • Is there a way to extend the page report with my own PHP-Code in a way that the page report can still be updated? Something like “MyPageReport” extends “MatomoPageReport”…

  • If there is not such a way do I then have to write a complete new plugin by mine?

  • And the custom reports plugin: Here I can only use the columns which are provided already by Matomo, right? Hence it would not help in my situation, right?

I would be very grateful if someone of the matomo developers could point my into the right direction.
Thank you much for it already now :slight_smile:

Best regards