Pagename not defined

(Mike) #1

In de pagename report my second most visited page (after the homepage) is ‘Page Name not defined’. It’s been like this since we started with Piwik. I tried to found out what is the issue for several months now. All the pagetitle tags are filled, since this is necessary in our CMS. I even checked this by running a site crawl in Screaming Frog. Does anyone know what might go wrong?

The domain is and the CMS is Tridion.

(Peterbo) #2

Hi Mike, what is the URL of your second most visited site (without a page title in the reports)?

(Mike) #3

Hello Peter,

The most visited URL’s are:


(Peterbo) #4

Hmm that’s strange. All Requests seem to contain a valid action name. If you want, I can have a look at your Instance, if you can send me the credentials for a test account via DM.