Page views sorted by subpages

Hello support or colleagues,
I do not find an option to have the URLs sorted by subpages in the Page Views - independent from their level above.

What counts for me is the actual subpage visited, not the levels of the URLs above.
Now, PIWIK sorts the pages by the highest level, which is not really helpful for me. I always have to click on the level to see the number of visits of the subpages - and then they are naturally not in the right order of visit numbers with all the rest of the website pages…
See my pics for illustration:

…but you know well how it looks…

So, I would like to have a list of all the subpages at first glance:
without opening a summing up-level first.
I hope I could express my request properly… :wink:

Thank you very much for any helpful idea!

Maybe try to click “Flatten the report” in the options below the report. It may help you?

Yes, thank you very much, matthieu! This WAS helpful! :slight_smile: