Page views and content impressions by URL

For a list of pages that share an URL prefix (e. g. everything below /products), I’d like to get the number of page views as well as the number of content impressions for a given piece (type/name) of content. Ideally, this would even be displayed as evolution over time.

The idea is to show which percentage of page impressions gets to see a particular piece of content.

Is it possible to do this, maybe using the custom reporting plugin?

I was hoping that ultimately, Matomo would track pageviews and content impressions as two “action” events, so I could report “hits” as the metric for both action types “contents” and “pageview”, and filter by URL… However, I cannot find out to to split (as a dimension?) across the different action types.

Hi @mp1

Yes, possible with custom reports. Note that you have 30 days trial…
I am not sure if content impression are hits or not… Probably @innocraft knows?

Hello @mp1 What you are trying to achieve is possible by setting up your custom reports like this (please see screenshot). Please don’t forget to add filter so you can only get the data for pages with URL /products

Thank you @Emerson_N for your reply!

I have checked, but although I have the latest (4.1.7) version of the custom reports plugin installed, it does not provide an “Impressions” metric.

Would that break down the numbers for all pieces of content at the given URL, or how could I select a particular piece (giving the name, probably)?

@Emerson_N is there anything special I need to do to make the “Impressions” metric show up?

Did you find the solution to this? @mp1

No, still hoping for insightful answers.

Have you found a solution to have “impressions” in metrics?
I also have this problem with custom reports 5.