Page-URL not definied in Actions/Pages after url change



I’ve got a piwik instance that tracks a page accessible by multiple domains.
Some time ago, we changend the page’s main url ( => http://my.lang) but forgot to adjust piwik.
Subsequently, most pages were tracked as “Page-URL not defined” (Actions / Pages module).

Now, we’d like to repair the statistics.

As a first try, we changed the urls in piwik_log_action to match the new urls (only the domain has changed). Afterwards we deleted the archive tables and rebuild the tables using the supplied cron job.

It did not help, however. The statistics were not affected by the change (even though they were rebuild).

Any hints on how to repair the database?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Not having updated website URL in Piwik should not cause the “Page URL not defined error”

Please see this FAQ: General - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Hi, Matt.

I’m afraid it did.

After we changed the webpage URLs, piwik tagged all hits with “Page URL not defined” (Seiten-URL nicht gefunden). Live tracking and keyword submission did not work, either.

Right after we’d adjusted the URLs in Piwik, Piwik started working as expected, again.
There are no further “page URL not definied” entries. Live tracking and keywords submission behave as expected.

Thanks for your help


  • “select distinct(name) from piwik_log_action;” results in a mixed list of URLs and page names.